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Do you speak Cantonese and English? Do you have a few hours a month to spare? Would you like to support a Cantonese speaker who is feeling lonely and isolated? 

SIS recognizes how valuable a phone call can be in relieving isolation and other social stresses. It demonstrates that there is still someone there to talk to and who cares.

People with language needs can feel particularly isolated. They often have few people they can connect with because of the language barrier.

Telephone Befriending is an altruistic, social arrangement in order to make a real difference to one person’s life. The emphasis for Befriending is more about having positive social experiences than providing practical support.

Befrienders are there to help take scheme members’ mind off their everyday problems by providing opportunities to have a chat with someone outside of their immediate family or social care professionals and to put a smile back on their face.


Bilingual Telephone Befrienders needs to be fairly fluent in both English and the target language.

Befrienders need to have time, motivation and energy, in order to create what can be a special and unique relationship. The role also requires patience, flexibility, understanding, mutual trust and respect.

We will provide a full manual and the chance to ask any particular questions via an initial meeting with the Befriending Project Coordinator. The Coordinator will also be available for regular support and guidance throughout the duration of the Befriending scheme.


  1. Opportunity to support someone and to make a positive difference in their experience of the crisis.
  2. To get to know a new person from your language community
  3. To potentially discover shared interests and pursuits with the person.

When do I need to be available?

Details There is not a specific time during the week which you will need to be available for this volunteer role - you will just need to agree a specific time to talk with the scheme member you are matched with.
Morning Afternoon Evening

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  • Details
  • Disabled Access
    Calls to be made from volunteer's home.
  • Equal Opportunities Policy or Statement
    SIS Policy
  • Expenses
    5p/minute for phone costs
  • Health and Safety
    SIS Policy
  • Induction
  • Insurance Cover for Volunteers
  • Other
  • Suitable for 13 - 16 years
  • Suitable for 16 - 18 years
  • Suitable for a group of volunteers
  • Suitable only for (e.g. 18+, LGBT, BAME, Women only)
  • Support on Offer
    Project Coordinator support
  • This role is adaptable for different abilities
  • Training