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The Brighton and Sussex local Remap branch is seeking to recruit a new Chairperson to lead the group following the resignation of the current Chair who has carried the role for the last five years. The branch has a strong management team in place and a good number of active engineers.

Nationally Remap has over 65 local branches across the UK, which help people with a disability to live more independently. Our skilled volunteers respond to thousands of requests each year to design and make customised equipment free of charge.

As our local Chairperson, you’ll take the lead in making sure the local branch works as effectively as possible. You’ll recruit, induct, and support other branch volunteers to make sure your branch’s activities meet the needs of your local disabled community. You’ll bring your leadership, management, communication, organisation, and motivation skills to this role. Most importantly, you’ll help disabled people to live more independent lives.


The ability to:

• Oversee:

o the activities of our local branch to undertake and meet the needs of referrals in your area

o the branch’s shared responsibility for planning and completing referrals

o the recruitment, induction, and ongoing support of new local branch volunteers.

• Approve income and expenditure with other branch bank account signatories and ensuring, with the Treasurer, that financial requirements and policies are followed.

• Co-ordinate and chair branch meetings.

• Ensure the branch’s activities comply with policies to keep people safe.

• Act as a key contact between staff and volunteers.

• Seek opportunities to publicise the branch’s activities through relevant media and by speaking to interested groups.

• Be involved in fund-raising through grant applications and occasional public speaking.

• Be aware of own management style in leading a team and taking a supporting and coaching approach with other volunteers.


  •  Using your skills and experience to contribute to the work of a small team in helping the local community.
  • Joining a group of committed people with a passion for improving the lives of others (to     undertake this specific role you do not need to be an engineer/skilled craftsperson)
  •  Helping people with disabilities to achieve greater independence and quality of life.

Practical Considerations

  • While all volunteer effort is unpaid, travel expenses can be claimed for attendance at meetings. Having own vehicle would be desirable for this purpose.
  • Parking permits can be provided for six-weekly meetings held at Brighton University.

When do I need to be available?

Morning Afternoon Evening

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