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Boom Community Bank is a mutual savings and loan organisation and, because it handles money belonging to other people, is strictly regulated. Although it is not a bank, there are many similarities; one of which is the need for day-to-day transactions to be monitored and audited.

In essence, we need to ensure that the staff manage the business responsibly and that all transactions are properly processed and recorded in accordance with relevant rules and procedures.  


  • We are seeking someone with financial, auditing or accountancy skills. 
  • An internal auditor needs to establish working relationships within the community bank and be able to work unsupervised to gather, analyse and evaluate facts, data and other information. 
  • A sound understanding of financial accounts and auditing is vital together with an enquiring mind. 
  • The volunteer will need to prepare reports using relevant software such as Excel and Word. 
  • The overriding qualities are diligence, professionalism, accuracy and integrity.  


Boom Community Bank is a credit union which is a not-for-profit mutual organisation, owned by members.  It offers savings and loans and often helps those who struggle to borrow from mainstream banks and who might otherwise fall prey to loan sharks.  Credit unions provide invaluable support for local communities and help them to flourish. 

The main benefits for a volunteer are:

(1) personal satisfaction that you are helping your local community;

(2) enjoying helping the credit union to grow so that it may help even more people in the future; 

(3) putting your professional skills to good use and keeping them up to speed..  

Practical Considerations

A large proportion of the work can be done from home, although regular visits to the Worthing office will be required.

When do I need to be available?

Details The timing for the work is very flexible and we are not seeking a fixed commitment each week. However, four or five hours each week would make a huge contribution to our governance of the community bank.
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    We have a Supervisory Committee which monitors and guides the internal audit process.
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    The volunteer will need a sound understanding of accountancy and auditing.
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