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Sheep, cattle and ponies graze a number of important conservation and ancient chalk downland areas within the city of Brighton and Hove. 
Grazing is beneficial because it:
- allows insects to move away as the grass and plants are grazed slowly over several weeks, and it ensures that structures like ant hills are not damaged.
- removes different plants at different rates, unlike mowing where everything is removed at once. Sheep find some plants tastier than others!
- ensures aggressive weeds such as nettles and brambles don't take over.
- helps to keep open spaces for open for recreation, exercise and wildlife.

We're recruiting volunteers, known as Lookerers, who help keep an eye on the welfare of our livestock.

Most of our grazing sites are small areas of historic downland on the urban fringe. Due to higher level of interaction with the public our animals have been compared to those on a conventional rural farm, we need to make more regular checks. If the Grazier had to make all of these checks it would take up a large amount of time and make grazing many small sites impractical even though they can act as important hotspots for wildlife. This is why we need your help!


No experience necessary but you'll need to attend our one-day training course before you head out to site. We'll teach you everything you need to know and give you some helpful handouts for future reference.


The chance to get involved in a local initiative and give something back to the community.

An opportunity to gain new practical skills and learn more about wildlife and conservation.

A chance to learn more about the cultural history of downland grazing and explore new parts of the city.

Practical Considerations

Some of our grazing sites are quite steep. You'll need to be able to get about on the site(s) you'd like to be a lookerer for. You can talk to our Rangers at the training course if you have any questions about any of the sites you're less familiar with.

We ask that all our lookerers have a mobile phone, so you can receive any updates on the livestock, text in your report and contact us in case of emergency.

When do I need to be available?

Morning Afternoon Evening

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  • Age/Gender Restrictions
    Over 18's only.
  • Disabled Access
    Terrain over many of our grazing sites is unsuitable for wheelchair access and could be challenging for people with physical disabilities, however we will do our best to ensure people can get involved wherever and whenever possible.
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
    We use the Brighton & Hove City Council Equal Opportunities policy.
  • Expenses
  • Health and Safety
    Risk Assessments are used throughout. Health & Safety/tool talks/demonstrations will be given before work commences.
  • Induction
  • Insurance Cover for Volunteers
    Volunteers will be covered by Brighton & Hove City Council's insurance as long as they adhere to the guidance provided in the relevant Risk Assessment/Method Statement for the activity being undertaken and are working as instructed.
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