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Here's an exciting volunteer role! Do you like to be active, doing regular sports or activities like football, walks, martial arts, table tennis, dance, gym, swimming, badminton? What's your move? We can help you support someone who may not have anyone to do it with, or try a new sport.

We provide training to help you support someone (in B&H, East or West Sussex) with a learning disability and/or autism to meet regularly (1 x  week/fortnight) be active with, gain new skills and have fun together. You will be matched to one person based on your exercise/sports & shared interests.

We run monthly free active socials for our waiting list participants. You can attend one of these with your sports buddy once matched. We provide training and expenses for your travel and sports costs.

We are always keen to have more volunteers as we have many people on our waiting lists.

Could you help us with this?


We are looking for people who enjoy being active regularly, even if it is with one sport like running or walking and who may be open to trying new things with their sports buddy. 

A willingness to help people with a learning disability or autism live more active lives. Meet up for an hour a week or 2 hours a fortnight. 

You don't need experience of supporting people with learning disability or autism, as we provide training on this, it can help but it isn't mandatory. 


We offer training in supporting people with a learning disability or autism. The Sports Buddies Coordinator is available to support you on a regular basis.

We assist your application for the DBS process.

This is an opportunity to do your regular sports activity, or try a new one, with someone else. 

Practical Considerations

We accept volunteers who drive and those who only use public transport or walk, and will match those people who drive with participants who have that preference. We organise our informal chat and training around your working hours. You and your sports buddy, once matched, can choose the times and days you are free to meet. 

When do I need to be available?

Morning Afternoon Evening

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